Americans Believe That The Wealthy And Corporations Are Undertaxed

Americans Believe That The Wealthy And Corporations Are Undertaxed

We share Americans' perspectives on federal taxes as they file their tax returns.

Raghavan Mayur

When it comes to their share of taxes,

  • Nearly six in ten (59 percent) believe that wealthy Americans pay too little. Similarly, 59 percent believe corporations are paying too little.
  • Nearly half (46 percent) think that low-income individuals pay too much and that middle-income people pay too much.
  • Conservatives (51%) and Republicans (48%) are most likely to feel they are overpaying.

These are the highlights from a TIPP Poll of 1,280 Americans conducted in late February.

The filing deadline for this year's federal income taxes has been pushed back from April 15 to May 17. As Americans file their tax returns, we share their perspectives on federal taxes with you.

Conservatives And Republicans Think They Are Over Taxed

When we asked Americans how they felt about the federal income taxes they pay, the results were as follows:‌

  • 40% said too high,
  • 33% felt about right,
  • 5% said too low,
  • 10% didn't pay taxes, and
  • 12% were not sure.
Federal Income Tax Contribution - Chart

‌Tax attitudes vary according to party affiliation, political ideologies, and the environment in which a person lives.

  • Nearly one-half (48%) of Republicans think they pay too much as compared to 37% of Democrats and Independents.
  • Conservatives (51%) are more likely to believe they are overpaying. Only 37% of moderates and 32% of liberals share this sentiment.
  • Rural residents (46%) are more likely to feel that they are paying too much compared to 38% for urban and suburban residents.
  • By income, 31% of the under $30K group felt taxes were high. The other income brackets were almost uniform in their mid-forties.
U.S Opinion on Taxation - Chart
U.S. Population consideration of Taxes - Chart

‌Are Lower-Income People Paying Their Fair Share?

Almost one-half (46%) say lower-income people are paying too much in taxes. A majority of people of the following demographic groups share the feeling.

  • 50% of Democrats
  • 61% of liberals
  • 51% of under $30K income
  • 57% of $30K-$50K income bracket
  • 50% of rural Americans
Are Lower-Income People Paying Their Share - Chart
Are Lower-Income People Paying Their Fair Share - Chart

Are Middle-Income People Paying Their Fair Share?

Nearly half (46%) believe that middle-income people are paying too much in taxes. The feeling is shared by:

  • 50% of Republicans
  • 51% of conservatives
  • 49% of all income brackets above $30K
  • 52% of suburban residents
Are Middle-Income People Paying Their Fair Share - Chart
Are Middle-Income People Paying Their Fair Share - Chart

‌‌Are Upper-Income People Paying Their Fair Share?

Almost six in ten (59%) think upper-income people are paying too little. Those sharing the sentiment are-

  • 58% of Democrats
  • 56% of Republicans
  • 64% of Independents
  • 64% of moderates
  • 72% of liberals
  • 61% of those with income under $30K
  • 72% of $30K-$50K income bracket
  • 61% of $50-$75K income bracket
  • 65% of suburban residents
  • 69% of rural residents
Upper-Income People Paying Their Share - Chart
Upper-Income People Paying Their Share - Chart

Are Corporations Paying Their Fair Share?

Nearly six in ten ( 59%) Americans feel corporations are paying too little in taxes.  Many demographic groups share the feeling.

  • 59% of Democrats
  • 55% of Republicans
  • 66% of Independents
  • 69% of moderates
  • 67% of liberals
  • Over 60% of all income brackets below $75K
  • 66% of suburban and rural residents
Are Corporations Paying Their Fair Share In Taxes - Chart
Are Corporations Paying Their Fair Share - Chart

Increases in corporate and capital gains taxes are included in President Biden's tax proposal to help finance his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan.  Many are skeptical that increasing taxes amid a pandemic when the American economy and businesses are barely surviving is a prudent course of action.  It could act as a deterrent to capital investment and job growth, both of which are critical, especially at this juncture.

Note:  Due to rounding, there may be a point difference between the stated numbers and those shown on the charts.

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