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National Sheriffs' Association Survey: Americans Overwhelmingly Back Commonsense Measures For Title 42 Migrant Relocation

Sheriff Mark Dannels (Cochise County, AZ) and Chair of the NSA Border Security Committee, discusses the TIPP Poll results on Title 42.

Credit: National Sheriffs' Association

With the Biden Administration’s recent decision to repeal the Title 42 border restrictions on May 23, 2022, which had returned illegal immigrants to their home country during the COVID-19 pandemic, there will essentially be no national border security between Mexico and Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California.

Americans are firmly united on specific aspects of how the administration should resettle migrants if and when Title 42 is repealed. Americans overwhelmingly subscribe to commonsense measures:

  • 80% want criminal vetting and health screening of migrants
  • 61% want local government approval before resettlement
  • 75% agree that the federal government must inform local officials before resettlement

These are the key findings of a national TIPP Poll of 1,305 adults for the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA). The online survey was conducted between April 6-and 8.

Today there are tens of thousands of immigrants headed to the US border. Title 42 is one of our most effective health and immigration policies at a time when America’s southern border has never been more dangerous.

The Biden Administration had previously phased out the Department of Homeland Security Migrant Protection Protocols, known as the "Remain in Mexico" program, allowing the government to release migrants with asylum claims to Mexico to await their asylum hearings in the United States - later overturned by courts. Additionally, Mr. Biden reversed asylum restrictions, implemented a 100-day pause on deportations, and stopped building the barrier that defines our border.

Soon, we simply won’t know immigrants’ health status and criminal history, and local communities will have little to no say in where and when immigrants are sent into their areas.

America’s sheriffs implore Mr. Biden to keep Title 42. Besides the health emergency, the Biden immigration policies have opened the floodgates to allow fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, illegal guns and ammunition, and other deadly substances and items to flow across the border every day.

Dozens of migrants are dying of dehydration in the deserts of Arizona or drowning in the Rio Grande River in Texas. Human smugglers and cartels are running rampant, and violent crime across America is increasing at an alarming level.  Sensible immigration policies and reform is the answer.

Unfortunately, Mr. Biden refuses to listen.

Criminal Vetting And Health Screening

Eight out of ten (80%) want the migrants detained for criminal vetting and health screening before resettlement.  The finer breakdown:

  • 53% agree strongly,
  • 27% agree somewhat,
  • 6% disagree somewhat,
  • 5% disagree strongly, and
  • 9% were not sure.
Criminal Vetting And Health Screening

Overwhelming majorities across the board agree that criminal vetting and health screening are necessary. This includes:

  • 82% of Democrats,
  • 85% of Republicans,
  • 76% of Independents,
  • 87% of conservatives,
  • 80% of moderates, and
  • 78% of liberals.
Criminal Vetting And Health Screening

Local Government Approval

Six out of ten (61%) agree the federal government must resettle migrants only with local government approval. The breakdown of results:

  • 33% agree strongly,
  • 28% agree somewhat,
  • 11% disagree somewhat,
  • 11% disagree strongly, and
  • 17% not sure.
Local Government Approval

A majority of all parties and ideologies subscribe to this sentiment, including:

  • 65% of Democrats,
  • 67% of Republicans,
  • 56% of Independents,
  • 74% of conservatives,
  • 60% of moderates, and
  • 60% of liberals.
Local Government Approval

Inform Local Officials Before Resettlement

Three out of four (75%) agree that the federal government should advise local officials before transporting migrants for resettlement. The responses tallied as follows:

  • 49% agree strongly,
  • 26% agree somewhat,
  • 8% disagree somewhat,
  • 5% disagree strongly, and
  • 11% not sure.
Inform Local Officials Before Resettlement

Again a majority of all parties and ideologies subscribe to this sentiment, including:

  • 78% of Democrats,
  • 83% of Republicans,
  • 73% of Independents,
  • 88% of conservatives,
  • 74% of moderates, and
  • 76% of liberals.
Inform Local Officials Before Resettlement

Ending Title 42

The poll also carried a question to assess support for repealing Title 42. More Americans (43%) oppose ending Title 42, while 39% support the move. The opinion divides along party and ideological lines.

Most Democrats (59%) want to end Title 42, while 24% oppose it. Most Republicans (67%) oppose repealing Title 42. Only 21% support ending it. About one-half (49%) of Independents oppose the repeal, while 30% support the move.

The results show similar divisions on ideological lines. Conservatives oppose 63% to 28%; liberals support ending 61% to 23%.  More moderates oppose (39%) than support (38%).

The Biden administration does not have a clear game plan for post-Title 42. It is essential that finer details are worked out and an alternate plan finalized before the repeal.

Sheriff Mark Dannels (Cochise County, AZ) is the Chair of the National Sheriffs’ Association Border Security Committee.

About The Survey

TechnoMetrica conducted The TIPP Poll, an online survey for the National Sheriffs' Association, from April 6 to April 8.  The nationwide study had a sample of 1,305 Americans, 18 or older, and TechnoMetrica's network of panel partners provided the study sample. Upon the study completion, TechnoMetrica weighted the study dataset by gender, age, race, education, and geographical region to mirror known benchmarks such as the U.S. Census. The credibility interval (CI) for the survey is +/- 2.8 percentage points, meaning the study is accurate to within ± 2.8 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, had all Americans been surveyed. Due to smaller sample sizes, subgroups based on gender, age, ethnicity, and region have higher credibility intervals.

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