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Trump Campaign Ad: "Mourning In America" - Video


Trump’s campaign released a new ad called "Mourning in America." You can view it here.

Trump Campaign Ad: "Mourning In America" - Video

It's morning again in America. And thanks to Joe Biden, our borders are now wide open for all to come. Our schools free from parental involvement. Mediocre male athletes now given the opportunity to compete unfairly. Under Biden's unprecedented inflation the hope of home ownership gone, and young adults forced to abandon seeking the American dream to live in their parents’ basement longer. Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan left billions in weapons behind, and American lives taken. Our police ranks now shrinking. Yet Biden spends billions creating an army of 80,000 new IRS agents. Why would we ever accept the incompetence and weakness of Biden when we could have the freedom, security, and economic prosperity we enjoyed just three years ago?

I'm Donald J. Trump, and I approved this message.