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New York's Actions Worry Global Markets, Undermining American Brand and Investor Confidence: Kevin O'Leary - Video

Photo by Thomas Habr / Unsplash

Jesse Watters' Primetime show on Fox News featured an interview with Kevin O'Leary, the businessman, investor, journalist, and television personality, discussing concerns over recent events in New York, particularly the talk related to the seizing of Trump's assets. O'Leary emphasized the damage this action is causing to America's reputation as a safe haven for investment, citing its traditionally strong property rights and legal system. He argued that the swift asset seizure, regardless of the individual involved, tarnishes the American brand and undermines investor confidence.



O’LEARY: “Get over it everybody.”

WATTERS: “Well, they have to get over it.”

O’LEARY: “Stop thinking about what the policy is.”

WATTERS: “You think about it, I think about it, we hope more people think about it. But they’re gnashing their teeth, Tish James at seizing properties. And people in the press are applauding. They’re giggling. This is blood thirsty.”

O’LEARY: “OK, now you’re talking. You’re right. This is hurting the American brand. What’s going on in New York is — it has nothing to do with Trump. That case is over. What’s going on now is concerning financial markets all around the world, because in the United States — and everybody — I don’t care what color you are red, or blue or independent, it doesn’t matter, we are the bastion of safety when it comes to investing large pools of capital. That’s what America represents. We have property rights. We have an appellate system. We have law people trust. And we give you good returns with the least amount of resistance. And what’s happening in New York is tainting the American brand. I mean, seizing assets after 22 days? In a bankruptcy court you get years to resolve this. This is not a good look on New York. It doesn’t matter that it’s Trump, it could be anybody. I think that’s very bad for the American brand. And I also would argue that you think about if this is going to help New Yorkers they should be asking for better management. I’m very disturbed. And the way I look at it — and I speak to many institutional capital fronts, including sovereign wealth because I’m trying to buy TikTok right now, so I’m running all around the world trying to raise 30, $40 billion. And they all ask me the same thing. We’re watching this New York thing play out. It looks to everybody like it was some dress up court day when the parents were out and everybody got dressed up in robes and had fun acting out some court trial. When are the adults coming back into this? There are no adults yet.”

WATTERS: “It’s true. I mean, you’re running around trying to raise $40 billion, I’m running around trying to sell my book, ‘Get It Together,’ doing different things, but I believe we believe the same things. Kevin O’Leary, thanks as always for sharing your expertise on ‘Primetime.’”

O’LEARY: “Take care.”