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Pakistan Strikes Inside Iran, Stokes Regional Tension - Infographics

Pakistan has conducted missile strikes inside Iran, targeting separatist Baloch militants, two days after Tehran said it had attacked the bases of another group within Pakistani territory.

Photo by Hamid Roshaan / Unsplash

Iranian media said several missiles hit a village in the Sistan-Baluchestan province that borders Pakistan, killing at least nine people.

The Pakistan army said “hideouts used by terrorist organisations namely Balochistan Liberation Army and Balochistan Liberation Front were successfully struck” on Thursday morning.

Iran said on Tuesday it had hit Israel-linked militant bases inside Pakistan. Both targeted groups are ethnically Baloch, but it was not clear if they co-operate.

Nuclear-armed Pakistan said civilians were hit and two children killed.

The attacks come as the Middle East remains unsettled by Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Iran also staged airstrikes late Monday in Iraq and Syria over an Islamic State-claimed suicide bombing that killed over 90 people in early January.