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Pakistan's Economic Nightmares

With people facing food shortages, energy shortages, political unrest, and rising terror attacks, Islamabad should reconsider its policies.

This picture taken on January 30, 2023 shows a daily wage laborer sitting in front of his tools as he waits to be hired for a day job in Pakistan's port city of Karachi. - Pakistan's economy is teetering on the edge, with the government dependent on a lifeline cash injection from an emergency IMF visit this week to avoid a Sri Lanka-style default. Photo by ASIF HASSAN/AFP via Getty Images.

Pakistan is a country in crisis. The country is struggling to stay afloat on all fronts – economic and political- while facing the threat of home-grown terror organizations. Much will be needed to keep the state and its people from collapsing under the weight of its complex, multilayered troubles.

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Iran-Israel Military Strength Compared

Iran-Israel Military Strength Compared

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