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Pandemic Startups See Opportunity, but President Biden’s Policies Undermine Their Ambitions

President Biden must help small businesses succeed to ensure a healthy economy.

As widely reported, entrepreneurship in the U.S. has been off the charts in 2020 and 2021. According to the Census Bureau, 5.4 million people filed new business applications in 2021, an increase of 53% from 2019 and the most of any year on record. These pandemic startups are a bright spot for our economy, U.S. innovation and job creation. After all, new businesses are sorely needed to replenish the untold thousands that closed for good due to COVID government restrictions and shutdowns.

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Support For NATO Spending Grows

Support For NATO Spending Grows

Despite world defense spending reaching a record $2.2 trillion last year, 77% of citizens of NATO countries believe they should increase or maintain defense spending – up from 70% in 2021.

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