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PAUL TELLER: Biden’s Blunders Have Lit The Middle East On Fire

By Paul Teller, The Daily Caller News Foundation | March 21, 2024

Afghanistan. Iran. Israel. Joe Biden has lit the Middle East on fire.

Biden’s blunders in the Middle East are on full display as the House of Representatives holds hearings on Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and Iran’s rise, while the Israel Defense Force enters Rafah despite Biden’s public pleas to leave Hamas’ last remaining stronghold intact.

The Biden administration’s foreign policy strategy of replaying the Obama administration’s worst hits (appease Iran, undermine Israel, and put American servicemembers at-risk) has proven equally ruinous a second time around.

To date, not a single official has been held accountable for the haphazard Afghanistan withdrawal, in which 13 American heroes lost their lives. It is unconscionable.

For four years, the Trump-Pence administration’s “maximum pressure” strategy brought Iran to its knees and ensured stability throughout the Middle East – and, most importantly, it thwarted Tehran’s ultimate goal of obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Biden administration has idly watched and, in some situations, spurred on Iran’s resurgence. Last week, President Biden extended a $10 billion waiver for Iran, something that never would have happened under the Trump-Pence administration.

Today, Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than ever before while its proxies wreak havoc throughout the Middle East and shut down international shipping lanes.

Israel, our greatest ally in the region, no longer trusts the United States after years of being undermined by President Biden. In the immediate aftermath of the October 7th attack, Biden paid lip service to Israel while pushing for costly ceasefires, a two-state solution that would grant Hamas diplomatic recognition and leveraging U.S. military aid to hamstring Israel’s military strategy.

American ships will soon deliver aid directly to Hamas thanks to President Biden’s “temporary port” near Gaza, all while Houthi terrorists shut down the Red Sea and international trade routes at will.

The tragic reality is that the Biden administration is willing to do virtually anything to shore up its radical antisemitic base, even if it means trading Israel’s safety and security.

As the Biden administration works to cripple Israel overseas, it’s working overtime to placate Israel’s detractors here at home. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for new elections in Israel and top Biden officials are attempting to meet with Arab and Muslim leaders in Chicago, likely in an attempt to head off protests this summer as the Democrat National Convention gathers in the Windy City.

After almost four years of the Biden administration’s foreign policy, the world is less safe and less stable than when he took office.

Our foreign adversaries are empowered, and our allies are unsure of what America stands for, or if we even still stand with them. Israel is unsure if it can trust America, and tin-pot Iranian puppet terrorist groups harass American forces and hold the world economy hostage.

The next administration must unapologetically stand with Israel and revive American leadership on the world stage.

Paul Teller is executive director of Advancing American Freedom, which was founded by former Vice President Mike Pence. After spending 16 years on Capitol Hill in various leadership roles for the Republican Study Committee and Sen. Ted Cruz, Teller most recently served as a liaison to conservatives in the House and Senate, and to conservative policy stakeholders for President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

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