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President Biden's Foreign Policy Weakness Reflected In 'Standing In The World' Index

The U.S. cannot afford to project weakness.

Bull in a china shop image

The affable President Biden is a bull in a china shop whose actions alienate our allies, strengthen our enemies, and weaken our national security.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley recently called the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan "a strategic failure." President Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan lacked foresight and has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe.

Under President Biden's leadership, our Standing In The World Index has taken a beating in the past three months.

Standing In The World Index

TIPP Standing In The World Index is a unique metric that measures Americans' opinion on the country's position as a world leader on the global stage. We have been tracking this metric since February 2001.

Each month we ask Americans the question: Generally speaking, over the next six months, do you think that the position of the United States as a world leader will be better, worse, or about the same as now?

The chart shows the answers to the question for November 2021.

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