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Private Jet Emissions To Spike During Davos Meeting

Environmentalists accuse world leaders and business chiefs of hypocrisy as they fly to the World Economic Forum (WEF) on private jets to discuss, among other things, climate change.

In 2022, the World Economic Forum (WEF) took place from May 22-26. During that week, 1,040 private jets arrived at or departed from seven airports in the vicinity of Davos – 48% higher than normal.

Dutch environmental consultancy firm CE Delft has calculated that during WEF 2022, CO2 emissions from private jets were four times greater than an average week – emitting the CO2 equivalent of 350,000 cars over the period.

World leaders and business chiefs are again jetting into Davos on private planes for WEF 2023, causing another spike in emissions and leading to calls of hypocrisy as attendees discuss climate and inequality behind closed doors.

Europe is experiencing its warmest January on record as communities worldwide grapple with extreme weather brought about by the climate crisis.

Klara Maria Schenk of Greenpeace says, “Private jets must be consigned to history if we are to have a green, just, and safe future for all. So-called world leaders must lead by example and ban private jets and useless short-haul flights.”