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RAND PAUL: Fauci Weaponized The Government Using His Grant-Making Power - Video

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Screenshot

Republican Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News Jesse Watters Primetime on Wednesday, Mar 22. Here are the highlights:

  • Paul believed vaccine CEOs were not being honest. They were not forthcoming about the myocarditis risk.
  • Paul did not believe anyone under 12, unless they have special health problems, need the vaccine.
  • He also expressed concern about conflict-of-interest issues when the same people who mandate vaccines, individually or collectively, receive vaccine royalties.
  • Paul believed Anthony Fauci weaponized the government using his grant-making authority.

Here's the video:

RAND PAUL: Fauci Weaponized The Government Using His Grant-Making Power - Video

Here's the full transcript:

JESSE WATTERS: Kentucky. Senator Rand Paul joins me now. So, Senator, are you getting the feeling that these vaccine CEOs are not being honest about their vaccines?

RAND PAUL: To put it lightly, yes. About the only truthful thing he said was the demand for the vaccine is going down, so he's got to raise the price.

And the demand is going down because, of course, the virus became less lethal. Most people have immunity either from being previously vaccinated or previously infected. But no, I didn't find him to be forthcoming or honest, particularly about the myocarditis risk.

Most of the rest of the world doesn't give this vaccine to anyone under twelve and anybody watching this program. If your kid already had COVID, he doesn't need a COVID vaccine. And anybody under twelve, unless they have special health problems, I don't think they need a vaccine either.

So the thing is, they're not being honest because obviously they're self-interested, and they love mandates. The mandates. The CDC is now saying your kid, at six months, should get three vaccines for COVID, something that's not deadly.
And most people are getting it naturally. Young people are getting naturally and surviving.

JESSE WATTERS: Do you think it's fair for someone like Fauci to get royalties from a vaccine that the government's mandating people take?

RAND PAUL: Well, you know what he told me when I asked him in committee? The same question? He said it was none of my business, it was none of America's business, that there was a law that protected him from not having to divulge any of his royalties.

But now we know, not just individually, they still won't tell us what they get individually, but 400 million in total goes to NIH. And even if it's doled back out in grants, that makes them self-interested.

Many of these people are policymakers. So Fauci was in charge of dispensing all the money, billions of dollars. But he was also in charge of making policy at the White House. He was a senior guy at Biden's White House, telling us, with four vaccines, ear muffs, goggles, and three masks, that's all coming from Fauci.

But he's also getting $400 million over there. So, no, it is obviously a conflict of interest, but so is the investigation as to where the virus came from. If it came from the lab and he funded the lab, do you think he's not going to try to cover up the fact that it came from a lab that he funded?

And on the gain of function, he says, well, yeah, we have to increase the transmission of the infectious, but some people call that gain of function. Well, yes, it is a gain of function. And why are we paying for it to be done in China?

We shouldn't be.

JESSE WATTERS: Yeah, we're doing it in China because it's so risky. We didn't want it to happen here, but, oops, it. Came here anyway. When you see this guy, who's supposed to be kind of a bipartisan American scientist, cry when a Democrat is inaugurated, does that change your opinion of him?

RAND PAUL: I just couldn't help but think what wonder what kind of tears he was shedding during the Trump administration, during the Trump inauguration. No, he's an obvious partisan. And the thing is, he was in office too long.

I wrote a piece that came out, I believe, on Fox News today, comparing him to J. Edgar Hoover, you know, who was in office about the same period of time and became so powerful that he weaponized the FBI.

Well, this guy weaponized the NIID. He weaponized it to give his supporters if you would write a paper that supported his position like four of these scientists did. At first, they said, my goodness, it came from a lab. And then, all of a sudden, they changed their mind. All of a sudden, they got more money, they got more grants. He used that grant-making authority. Who gets it? And he weaponized the government to get what he wanted.

And that was the cover up.

JESSE WATTERS: Yeah. He should have been term-limited out of there. I thank you very much, Dr. Rand Paul, Kentucky, for joining Primetime.

RAND PAUL: Thank you.