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Rebranded McDonald’s Outlets Open In Russia

“Vkusno & tochka” – “Tasty and that’s it”
“Vkusno & tochka” – “Tasty and that’s it”

McDonald’s restaurants flung open their doors in Moscow under new Russian ownership and a new name, “Vkusno & tochka” – “Tasty and that’s it” – opening a new era for Russia’s fast-food.

The famous Golden Arches have been taken down and replaced with a new logo, resembling a letter “M”, comprising two fries and a hamburger patty against a green background, according to Reuters.

Initially, 15 rebranded restaurants will open in and around the capital and another 200 restaurants by end-June and all 850 by the end of summer, executives said on Sunday.

Up to 7 billion roubles ($126 million) will be invested this year in the business, which employs more than 50,000 people, Reuters said.