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Respect Flight Attendants: Lift Airline Mask Mandates Now

The mask mandate still in effect for air travel is only making the flight attendants’ job more difficult. With multiple states rolling back such restrictions, it is time to revisit the issue.

Flight Attendant putting overhead luggage in bins

When Oregon - yes, Oregon - announced that it would relax mask mandates, it marked a seminal moment in the chapter on Covid-era restrictions. A state that gave President Joe Biden a 16-point victory margin (five points higher than Hillary in 2016) is about as liberal as they come. Portland hosted B.L.M. protests, which often turned violent, for nearly a year - longer than any other metro area in the country.

Forty-seven other states and territories have announced the lifting of indoor mask mandates, but Washington remains committed to yesteryear policies. In its infinite wisdom scattered across several agencies, it has insisted on mask mandates for all public travel. It is illegal for travelers to remove their masks in airport concourses, bus stations, or on planes, trains, and buses.

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