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RON PAUL: Kennedy Was Murdered By The CIA In 1963 In A "Coup" Against American Democracy - Video

Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday, Ron Paul gave a two-hour interview at the "TimCast IRL" podcast. He said he believed there was a coup when our government murdered President Kennedy. Here's the video of the segment and transcript.


RON PAUL: I haven't made up my mind whether or not when people talk about World War Three, and most people think in their mind about World War One and World War II, it's a certain type of war tanks and bombs and airplanes and all that, and I can't quite visualize that.

I think the world has changed too much, and matter of fact, politics has changed a whole lot as well. But I've concentrated more recently on thinking about how do revolutions come about. Have their changes been made?

Have we had a World War Three to do it? And I'm arguing the case that we're in the middle of it and moving right along, that the revolution has been fought, and there's been a coup. We don't have any resemblance to a government that believes in a republic.

We don't have honest money. We don't have integrity. We don't even have people in Washington that even pretend that you're supposed to tell the truth. Remember, just recently, there was a Congressperson that won, and he won by putting on his resume just a bunch of lies, and the other ones got hysterical, the other Congress telling lies like this.

And I got to thinking, well, how many of these people that were complaining about this guy telling lies, how many of them lied when they raised their hand up and swore to uphold the Constitution? Now, that's a lie that really has consequences.

Actually, you could probably make fun of make a little joke because his jokes weren't everybody knew he was fibbing. But the real lies are being told, and that is our big problem. But I do believe there has been a coup, and it's been taken over.

And if I want to if I can, I want to just put the date in my mind, and anybody could pick probably any date in the last hundred years. But I have picked November 22, 1963.

INTERVIEWER: What happened on that day?

RON PAUL: That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government. You know, by the CIA.

Original source link. You can listen to the full interview here.