Rush Limbaugh – The Voice Of American Conservatism

Rush Limbaugh – The Voice Of American Conservatism

Talent On Loan From God

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The most well-known American radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, would have turned 71 today. A conservative voice, he held sway over the opinion of his millions of listeners for decades.

Limbaugh virtually single-handedly revitalized the medium of radio talk shows. He survived the advent of television, withstood the inundation of satellite channels, and continued to keep his listeners entertained and informed in the age of the internet.

Born on January 12, 1951, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Limbaugh graduated from Cape Girardeau Central High School and, as a teenager, discovered the world of radio at the local station. Not even college could obscure his interest, and he dropped out of Southeast Missouri State University after a year.

Limbaugh struggled to find success in broadcasting initially, but he refused to give up. During this time, he traveled through Europe and Asia. His experiences abroad convinced him of U.S. exceptionalism.

His eponymous show launched in 1983 in California. The repealing of the fairness doctrine, in 1987, by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) paved the way for his widespread success. A year later, Limbaugh's show was nationally syndicated. Three decades after he began, the Limbaugh show "attracted a cumulative weekly audience of 15.5 million listeners to become the most-listened-to radio show in the United States," according to the Talkers Magazine. Over 27 million listeners tuned into his show each week at one point.

The program found favor with the conservatives, and he became a champion of their opinion and political ideologies. A staunch Republican, Limbaugh's influence on the American conservative movement is considerable. Three American presidents appeared on his show, including President Trump.

Limbaugh is often quoted as saying, "I have talent on loan from God." When asked by one of the callers on his show to explain what he means by that, Limbaugh gave a crystal clear answer that sheds light on various facets of his personality. He attributed his lack of condescension, his extraordinary communication skills and “the ability to look at this microphone and see millions of faces but treat them as one” to God, succinctly articulating his exceptional personality.

It was not just the airwaves that were Limbaugh's forte. A successful author, he penned seven books. The first two, The Way Things Ought to Be (1992) and See, I Told You So (1993), were placed on the prestigious The New York Times Best Seller list. He authored and co-authored five children's books under the Rush Revere series, bringing American history to life for young readers. His first children's book, 'Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel with Exceptional Americans,' won him the Author of the Year Award from the Children's Book Council.

Limbaugh was as much a controversial figure as an influential one.  Bold, outspoken, and unapologetic, he continued to air his views until the end, paying scant regard to political correctness.

He remained the voice of the conservatives, on-air and off it. He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993. Limbaugh was awarded the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor, by President Trump, in recognition of his "decades of tireless devotion to our country."

According to Erick Erickson, host of the "Erick Erickson Show" and one of Limbaugh’s guest hosts, “The Rush Limbaugh not behind the microphone was quiet, polite to a fault and amazingly generous.” A man vilified by his critics and the left, he was humble, gregarious, and warm when in the company of friends.

Limbaugh had the rare ability to laugh at himself. The opening comments of his show, “Greetings, conversationalists across the fruited plain, this is Rush Limbaugh, the most dangerous man in America, with the largest hypothalamus in North America, serving humanity simply by opening my mouth, destined for my own wing in the Museum of Broadcasting, executing everything I do flawlessly with zero mistakes, doing this show with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair because I have talent on loan from . . . God. Rush Limbaugh. A man. A legend. A way of life.” exemplifies him as an entertainer to the core.

A steadfast political commentator, a beloved talk radio host, and a fighter till the end, he succumbed to lung cancer in February 2021.

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