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Russia Readies For "Naval Blockade"

Ukrainian, American, And Russian Flags
Potential Russian Naval Blockade of The Ukraine

Russia has issued notices warning mariners and aviators to avoid significant portions of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, due to upcoming live-fire naval exercises, reports The Drive. The alerts will be in effect starting on February 13 through February 19.

Six Russian warships are heading to the Black Sea from the Mediterranean for naval drills, the Interfax news agency has said, in what it said was a pre-planned movement of military resources.

The vessels include the Korolev, the Minsk the Kaliningrad, the Pyotr Morgunov, the Georgy Pobedonosets, and the Olenegorsky Gornyak.

According to Naval News, the six Russian amphibious landing ships have a combined capacity of 63 main battle tanks and 2,000 troops. The massive cargo capacity will greatly add to Russian capabilities off Ukraine.



Support For NATO Spending Grows

Support For NATO Spending Grows

Despite world defense spending reaching a record $2.2 trillion last year, 77% of citizens of NATO countries believe they should increase or maintain defense spending – up from 70% in 2021.

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