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Russian Top Brass Killed In Ukraine

Russian military procession
Russian military procession
List of Russian military commanders killed in Ukraine

Major-General Roman Kutuzov, chief of staff of the 29th Combined Arms Army, has been killed in Ukraine’s Donbas, the website of Ukrainska Pravda reported on Sunday.

Kutuzov’s death on Sunday (June 5, 2022) is the first such high-ranking army officer in more than a month and the 11th general to lose his life in President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, at least 49 colonels have lost their lives in the war to date.

Ukrainian fighters ambushed the general’s vehicle, and he died in a fight in the village of Mykolaivka in Luhansk Oblast, according to Radio Svoboda, which cited Russian Telegram channels.

On May 27, the Ukrainian military killed Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandr Dosiagaev, the paratroop commander of the 104th Guards Airborne Assault Regiment. Major-General Kanamat Botashev, a pilot and member of the Wagner Group of mercenaries, was confirmed dead five days earlier.