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Sadim's Touch? President Biden's Performance Subpar On Key Issues

President Biden's Job Performance

President Joe Biden

President Biden has the reverse Midas touch.  Some call it the 'Sadim touch.' It is the name Midas spelled backwards.

Coronavirus, economy, and immigration are the top three issues for 1,308 Americans in our IBD/TIPP poll completed last week.

Let's assess President Biden's performance in these key issues.

Handling The Coronavirus

The share of Americans who give him an A or B has fallen from 56% in April to 45% in October.

73% of Democrats give President Biden an A or B, while only 16% of Republicans and 38% of independents give him good grades.

President Biden's vaccine mandates have been divisive.  We believe it is myopic and likely not to have any significant impact.  Many Americans are quitting their jobs or facing layoffs because of the mandate, increasing the wage pressure and worsening inflation.  In addition, it could trigger supply chain hiccups and cause stagnation.

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