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Sinema and Manchin Rein In The Progressive Movement

Americans thank Sinema and Manchin.


A year ago, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, members of the Squad, and thousands of liberal members within the Democratic Party drooled at the possibilities. The media elite dutifully followed suit, promoting a list of progressive "priorities" nonstop on TV and radio, countering the evil Trump administration's tax-cut and pro-corporate agenda.

And they dreamed big arguing that a $6 trillion spending package would improve the social safety net, in a manner not seen since the passage of the New Deal and Great Society programs last century. They proposed to raise wages and benefits for home health care workers; national paid and family leave; free preschool; free community college; free child care; a permanent increase in the child and dependent care tax credit; a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants and many more who are on work visas; and more money for affordable housing.

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