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STEPHEN MOORE: President Joe Biden’s Magical Thinking On Taxes

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

By Stephen Moore, via The Daily Caller News Foundation on March 17, 2024

I am often asked whether President Joe Biden is intentionally trying to dismantle the American economy with his imbecile energy, climate change, crime, border, inflation and debt policies. But I’ve always believed that these policies are driven by a badly mistaken ideology — not malice.

Then I watched Biden’s State of the Union speech when Biden thundered that “I’m going to make corporations pay their fair share,” The democrats in Congress leapt to their feet in applause.

When I read through the details of Biden’s new multi-trillion tax plan, it’s hard to come up with any plausible explanation other than that he’s trying to make American industry less competitive. Biden’s tax scheme would hobble U.S. businesses with nearly the highest corporate tax rate in the world — and higher than our primary competitors.

They’re the big winner here if God forbid these policies were adopted? Even China and Russia — one communist and one autocratic nation — would have LOWER tax rates on their businesses than we would on ours.

This will lead to an outmigration of capital from the U.S. to our rivals as sure as river water flows downstream.

One of my first meetings with Donald Trump was in early 2020 when I showed him a chart that indicated the U.S. had the highest tax rate of all our competitors. When Trump saw the chart, he instantly remarked: “This is like a head start program for all the countries we compete with.”

His goal was to empower American businesses with the lowest rate in the world. We didn’t get the rate down to 15%, but we did lower it to 21%.

This helped attract more than $1 trillion back into the United States from all corners of the globe — from Switzerland to Bermuda, to Euroland. It helped raise incomes for working class Americans despite being disparaged as a “tax cut for the rich.” As Trump once put it, because of the lower tax rates and other pro-growth reforms, for the first time in decades factories moved from Mexico to Maryland rather than the other way around.

Meanwhile, in Ireland the 12.5% corporate tax rate has helped make this nation the fastest growing land in all of Europe. They even have budget surplus. That’s right. The lower tax rates have created an usher of revenue.

But Biden and the Democrats would rather bash big business for not “paying their fair share,” than fixing the problem sensibly. Ironically, the one industry in America that pays virtually no business tax is the green energy colossus.

Why don’t we start with making THEM pay their fair share — which clearly isn’t zero.

The White House estimates their plan will raise $500 billion over a decade from corporation. Of course, corporations are owned by 130 million Americans with 401k plans and other retirement packages. Not just the top 1% are going to get zapped here.

Economist Kevin Hassett, who was Trump’s chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, has shown that corporate tax rates are statistically inversely related to worker wages. Lower tax rates mean higher worker pay. So blue collar America will pay a large share of the burden of the Biden tax hike.

But the Biden economics team is in denial on the science. They reject the real world evidence that high tax rates deter job growth and investment, they ignore the Ireland experience and they pretend that the rich will bear all the burden of a tax that will hurt all American workers and consumers while benefiting our competitors around the globe.

This inane tax-hike policies will put America last — literally and figuratively.

Stephen Moore is a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a senior economic advisor to Donald Trump. His latest book is: “Govzilla: How the Relentless Growth of Government Is Devouring Our Economy.”

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