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SWIFT: Europe Can't Have Its Cake And Eat It Too

Leaders Sluggish on ousting Russia from SWIFT.


The world watches in shock as Russian troops make inroads into Ukrainian soil. While Ukrainians are fighting an existential war, the world leaders discuss ways to deter President Putin without drawing the entire continent into war.

A slew of sanctions has been imposed on Russian institutions, businesses, and oligarchs. The aim is to cripple the Russian financial system and restrict its access to technology. Russia's largest financial institutions have come under severe penalties. As yet, world leaders remain divided on cutting Russia off from SWIFT, much to the dismay of those who believe it will be a "nuclear" strike on the Russian economy.

Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in a Thursday tweet, "I will not be diplomatic on this. Everyone who now doubts whether Russia should be banned from SWIFT has to understand that the blood of innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children will be on their hands too. BAN RUSSIA FROM SWIFT."

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