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Take The Stand, Joe! Six-In-Ten Americans Want Biden To Testify To Congress Impeachers And Bare All About Hunter And The Family Business, A Daily Mail Poll Shows

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz
Editor's note: This story by James Reinl, based on the Poll, appeared on the DailyMail website.

Nearly-six-in-ten voters say Joe Biden should accept an invitation to testify before his impeachers, our poll shows — something the president is very unlikely to do.

Fully 57 percent of US adults say Biden should accept House Oversight Chair James Comer's request to sit for questions about his son Hunter Biden and the family's business dealings.

Another 23 percent said the president shouldn't appear, and 19 percent were not sure.

The nationwide poll of 1,432 adults makes for troubling reading for the White House, which is all but certain to reject the request to show up on April 16.

The poll makes troubling reading for a White House that has little to gain from a congressional grilling

The invitation was an extraordinary ask of a president, who typically only appears before Congress once a year for the State of the Union address.

He will be keen to avoid a potentially embarrassing made-for-TV-moment that could lend credibility to Republican impeachment efforts.

Comer most recently on April 3 said he was still waiting for Biden to respond.

'We have not heard back from President Biden,' he told Fox News.

'But the White House is spending, every second of their free time trying to attack me.'

They 'do everything they can to discredit the investigation and to intimidate,' he added.

Comer, of Kentucky, insists his investigation has 'proven the crimes' — even as he refuses to commit to holding a vote to impeach the president.

'We need to hear from Joe Biden because we're at the point now to … provide accountability,' he said.

Comer last month sent a fundraising email suggesting he would send criminal referrals to the Department of Justice instead of impeaching the president.

That would pave the way for a prosecution of the 'Biden Crime Family' once former president Donald Trump wins the November election and takes charge again in 2025, Comer wrote.

The invitation to testify came after Republicans scoured the president and his family's bank accounts to find evidence of wrongdoing.

More than $24 million flowed from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan and other foreign sources to Biden, his family and their business associates, they found.

The saga has included testimonies from Hunter and the president's brother, James Biden.

Republicans see the president's potential testimony as the crown jewel of their probe.

The Biden administration shows no signs of complying.

'Comer knows 20+ witnesses have testified that POTUS did nothing wrong,' a White House spokesman posted

'He knows that the hundreds of thousands of pages of records he's received have refuted his false allegations,' Ian Sams wrote.

'This is a sad stunt at the end of a dead impeachment.'

US adults, however, do not agree, and want transparency on the matter, according to our survey.

A majority of people across all parts of the country and all age groups say Biden should testify.

Republican voters overwhelmingly want to see the president answer questions, but even a solid 45 percent of Democrats say he should appear.

Men are slightly more keen on Biden appearing than are women, by a 61-54 percent margin.

The survey has a +/-2.7 percent error margin, and was carried out earlier this month by TIPP, which has been noted for its accuracy by major US publications.

Our performance in 2020 for accuracy as rated by Washington Post:

Source: Washington Post