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The Bloodbath Of Bucha

Reports of the Bucha massacre have shocked the world. How much more do Ukrainians have to suffer before peace is restored?

Source: Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

No war is pretty. And rarely, if ever, is a war fought according to the rules. In fact, a war by the rulebook sounds like an oxymoron.

A case in point is the horrific news stories emerging from Ukraine as the Russian attack on the country continues. Reports of a "massacre" in the small town of Bucha, which lies 23 miles northwest of Kyiv, have shocked the world. The town's mayor claimed that the invading troops had killed more than 300 civilians. Deeply distressing footage of dead bodies in civilian clothes littering the streets has made the headlines. Mass graves with more than a hundred corpses have been discovered. Reports of women and children being raped and tortured have emerged.

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