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The Democrats' Friendly Manchurian Candidate Struggles To Remain Relevant

Biden's July Job Approval at 37%

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During the Atlanta debate last Thursday, former President Trump referred to President Biden as China's Manchurian candidate, someone used as a puppet by an enemy power. The charge was based on the Biden family's numerous financial dealings with rogue Chinese entities, some with connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

While Trump was more rhetorical in bringing attention to how friendly media outlets have silenced coverage of those Biden family connections, the world saw for itself what we have been warning about in these columns all these years. Biden is the hidden Democratic Left's Manchurian candidate, a puppet whose faculties are so incoherent and incompetent that without the constant assistance of invisible aids, he couldn't get through a single hour of a presidential day.

The world saw how dangerously placed the lone superpower is. Biden's foreign policy team has taken America close to a nuclear conflict with Russia, saber-rattling needlessly in Ukraine, and the world relies on Biden to respond appropriately should Russia or North Korea ever indulge! As president, Biden has access to the "nuclear football," a briefcase containing communication tools and detailed instructions for launching nuclear weapons. An aide always carries the "nuclear codes," which are necessary to authenticate their identity in the event of a nuclear strike order. This system is designed to maintain the security and control of the country's nuclear arsenal. Are we to believe that President Biden is capable of acting wisely and making quick decisions under pressure? In 2008, Hillary Clinton famously referenced the importance of being prepared to deal with a crisis during a 3 AM call. This was part of a political ad during her presidential campaign against Barack Obama, suggesting she was the most qualified candidate to handle unexpected challenges during her presidency. Biden wouldn't even be prepared to take a 3 PM call, given his penchant for afternoon naps.

President Biden's supporters' standard defense is that a President never acts alone. As of 2021, the White House complex employed over 1,700 people, including staff in the Executive Office of the President and various support staff, such as the Secret Service, military personnel, and maintenance workers. Each roams the hallways with discrete expertise in matters concerning the various executive branches. During an emergency, this argument goes, the President's closest advisors would seek guidance from these experts and propose a course of action to President Biden, who is supposed to deliberate and make the proper decision to further American interests.

On this score, Biden has had a lousy record. From Afghanistan to Ukraine to Israel, the Middle East, Iran, and China - Biden has made so many terrible decisions that it may take a generation to bring us back to the relative peace and prosperity that existed when Trump was in office.

A picture is worth a thousand words

His record on the domestic front is even more disastrous. From unbridled illegal immigration to energy policies, reckless spending resulting in ballooning deficits, and historic inflation that hurts each time a family stops at the grocery store, Biden is probably the worst president in U.S. history. The only area where he devotes his energy is to leverage his 52-year Beltway experience to work the levers of Washington power to hurt the man he hates: Donald Trump. And even on this score, he has opened so many raw wounds that the United States Supreme Court had to step in numerous times to save the Union.

And true to Biden's stubborn character, even more amplified by his advanced age, he will never apologize for the mess he has created because his behind-the-scenes Manchurian controllers would never allow it. Worse, they want him to double down and continue running for a second term.

President Biden's job approval rating, a crucial indicator of public sentiment, is stuck in the mid-thirties. After rebounding from his first-term low of 33% in December, it improved to 36% in January. It remained at 36% in February, increased to 37% in March, and maintained at 37% in April. It dropped to 35% in May, his lowest for 2024. In June, it edged up to 36%, and now, in July, it is 37%.

Nearly three-fourths (73%) of Democrats approve of the job he is doing as president. In contrast, most Republicans (83%) and nearly six in ten independents (58%) disapprove. While two-thirds (65%) of liberals approve, only 20% of conservatives and a third of moderates (38%) express approval.

Americans can see through Biden’s incompetence. In the July TIPP Poll, fewer than one-third of Americans gave Biden good grades on all issues.

Along with the Covid mystery - there has been no government investigation into what caused a pandemic that killed over 5.5 million people - the question about who runs the Biden presidency is a puzzle that bedevils the average American. And what Americans saw on that debate stage was downright scary, prompting them to ask: How did the ring leaders conspire to keep Biden's so-called failing faculties secret for so long from the American people? What kind of cabal is in place that pulls together Deep State officials, members of the Democratic Left, academics, Hollywood types, financiers, tech industry titans, and the vast corporate media outlets to continue singing this lie for 3½ long years?

"Yes, it was a bad performance," South Carolina's Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn, the kingmaker who rescued Biden's primary candidacy in 2020 and helped catapult him to the White House, said on CNN's "State of the Union." "I know when I see what I call preparation overload. And that's exactly what was going on the other night." So, according to Clyburn, Biden overprepared and maintained a hectic travel schedule, crisscrossing the Atlantic twice, and fared poorly. Seriously?

Clyburn thinks that Americans are fools. Thanks to X and independent outlets like ours, Americans were well aware that Biden was a plant by those on the Left to undo Trump's policies and bring back President Obama's policies with a bang while also ensuring that Trump would never return to Washington. Seventy-four million voters who supported Trump knew that Biden, who never left his Delaware basement and who couldn't gather more than a hundred supporters to his campaign rallies, could never have won 81 million votes, a record eclipsing even Obama's 2008 totals.

But the Manchurian cabal was so arrogant that they continued to choreograph a caricature of Biden as fit, sound, healthy, and above all, good in office. Stuart Stevens, a senior Republican adviser to Mitt Romney and a vehement Never Trumper, wrote an article in the New Republic with a blaring headline: Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President. His achievements have been nothing short of historic. All the handlers had to do was to continue this deception for four more months - with Trump sentenced and put away, Biden would be handsomely reelected, and Democracy would be saved, returning the cabal to four more years in power.

But on June 27 in Atlanta, Biden brought the roof crashing down on his political career. He can no longer hide behind his aviator glasses, and his media friends are abandoning him like rats fleeing the sinking Titanic.

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