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The Democrats' Implosion Will Likely Result In Fair November Elections

The Atlanta debate was the best thing that happened to restore American democracy.

Since last Thursday's Atlanta debate, news cycles across every major media platform—social, T.V., radio, newspapers—have been consumed by just one story: Is President Biden's candidacy for the 2024 election over?

While many Democrats continue to express public support, news reports citing unnamed sources have been relentless in describing the implosion that has set in among the Left: Biden could lose 2024 in a landslide and take everyone else on the ticket down with him, handing to Trump the White House, and the G.O.P., control of both chambers of Congress.

Some have broken ranks and defected to take their frustrations public. They want Biden to resign so Vice President Kamala Harris can become the 47th president and run against Trump as an incumbent. Alternatively, the Democrats would choose Biden's replacement at their nominating convention in August. This list includes the New York Times Editorial Board and several prominent leaders within the Democrat Party, including, as cataloged by the N.Y. Times, the following:

What he needs to do is shoulder the responsibility for keeping that seat — and part of that responsibility is to get out of this race.  
— Raúl M. Grijalva, Representative, Arizona – July 3
I had hoped that the debate would provide some momentum to change that. It did not.
— Lloyd Doggett, Representative, Texas – July 2
Another Democrat would have a better shot at beating Trump.
Julián Castro, Former Housing and Urban Dev. secretary - Jul 2
The time is now for another Democratic candidate to take his place on the November ballot.
— Marianne Williamson, 2024 Democratic presidential candidate –
July 2
After deep reflection over these past few days, I strongly believe that our best path forward is Kamala Harris.
— Tim Ryan, Former Representative, Ohio –
July 1
I think the President should step aside and let the convention pick a new candidate.
— Tom Harkin, Former Senator, Iowa –
June 30*
It is absolutely not too late to pick a new candidate.
R.T. Rybak, Former D.N.C. vice chair – June 30

Others wish to invoke the 25th Amendment to force Biden out of office. The Amendment was ratified in 1967, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and outlines the procedures to be followed when a president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office. Americans do not believe that President Biden is mentally fit enough to run for reelection or lead the Free World for four more years.

Meanwhile, some major donors are withholding their contributions, stating they won't finance the party until Joe Biden steps down. The White House communications team is working overtime, attributing Biden's poor performance to jet lag from two weeks ago and a recent cold. Observers see a president who is like a dancer blaming the crooked stage for his inability to dance.

With so much anxiety and polls showing Trump's lead widening, and him being super-disciplined not to make any comments and allowing the Biden campaign to self-destruct, the narrative is cast for a Trump victory in 2024. Even the best activists and lawyers can't rig such an election unless they invite worldwide scorn that the U.S. has completely lost its democratic shine.

A historical comparison with 2020 is relevant. Then, Trump was the incumbent, and Biden was the challenger. The nation was getting tired of Trump's numerous tweets as his closest circle leaked like a sieve. Covid had set in, and the world was unsure how to react. The WHO, the C.D.C., and Dr. Fauci, the so-called leaders in global health, gave confusing directives that changed frequently. Biden cleverly trapped Trump by saying that his incompetence was causing more infections and deaths. Attacking from the outside is always easier.

When George Floyd was killed, the Left saw another opening to link Trump to white supremacists, although he had had nothing to do with the Minneapolis police officers responsible for the incident. Riots ensued, and the more Trump complained that Antifa was responsible for them and that law enforcement should bring those protesters to justice, the more the press resisted. Polls steadily showed Biden leading, sometimes even by double digits. When corrupt intelligence officials challenged the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation and Big Tech censored its distribution, the fix was in.

On Election Night, Trump led, having already won Ohio and Florida by record margins. But the Left had an insurance policy: mail-in ballots. Four days later, the Associated Press called the election for Biden. Liberal NPR analyzed the results and showed what a nail-biter match it was: "Just 44,000 votes in Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin separated Biden and Trump from a tie in the Electoral College."

There's no Covid in 2024. There's no George Floyd, and there are no riots. There's no Zuckbucks. Americans know about the intelligence cabal that protected Hunter Biden, who is now facing criminal charges in federal court. Activist Democrats who attempted to engineer last-minute election process changes have been shut down in many states as new, tighter election integrity measures have been signed into law. Every lawfare action brought against Trump is failing as the Supreme Court is stamping its authority all over the judicial landscape. Americans also know that the media wilfully hid Biden's failing mental faculties from the nation and enabled an invisible Deep State to advance Leftist priorities, messing things up.

Today, America has the highest federal deficits in history, and annual interest payments to service the debt top $1 trillion. Inflation was the highest in 60 years during Biden’s term. America is at war in Europe and the Middle East, pushing Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea closer together. The polling for President Biden has been disastrous, never rising above 50% approval since the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in September 2021. In the TIPP Poll, President Biden's job approval rating remains stagnant in the mid-thirties, with only 37% approval in July. Biden’s perceived incompetence is evident. According to the poll, fewer than one-third of Americans rated him positively on all issues. Biden appears to have crossed a tipping point, making it unlikely he can improve his standing before November.

With the liberal media abandoning Biden to save its face, expect polls to continue to show Biden behind Trump. Under such unforgiving conditions, no plot of federal, state, and local actors can help influence the 2024 election's outcome the way they did in 2020.

For the average voter, the Atlanta debate was the best thing that happened to restore American democracy. The 2024 election will likely not be rigged.

According to the Independent, President Biden reportedly told a group of Democratic governors on Wednesday that he needs more sleep, wants to wrap up his days by 8 p.m., and joked that while his health is in good shape, “it’s just my brain.”

We agree. Yes, Mr. President, America deserves a leader who can stay awake after 8 p.m. A good dancer must know when to leave the stage.

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