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The Democrats' Tangled Web In Defending Biden's Senility

The Special Counsel's statement that the leader of the free world is "an elderly man with a poor memory" and "diminished faculties" marks the start of a new chapter.

It's official: According to President Biden's Department of Justice, the 46th POTUS is practically senile. 

Special Counsel Robert Hur, appointed by Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate whether Biden, when he was VP, unlawfully retrieved classified documents from an ultra-secure SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) and clumsily stored them in his Delaware garage, concluded that Biden did not even remember when he was vice president. Hur says that Biden is "an elderly man with a poor memory" and with "diminished faculties." 

We have some news for the White House. Americans already knew that our president was senile. On dozens of occasions, President Biden has done things in front of a battery of cameras that only people with mental issues associated with old age do.

Biden has fallen off the steps of Air Force One so often that his aides have asked him to take a shorter flight up to get to the back of the Boeing 747. His words are pure gibberish even when reading from a Tel-E-Prompter. At the end of his speeches, he often wanders aimlessly on stage, to be rescued by aides who direct him off the stage. Even a protective media outlet, the New York Times, conceded this: "When it comes to news conferences, aides yell loudly — and quickly — to end the questions, sometimes stealing a classic awards show tactic and playing loud music to signal the event's conclusion."

It is not just Americans who have noticed his gaffes. When discussing applying pressure on Israel to provide Gazans with humanitarian aid, he confused the Middle East with Mexico. On another recent occasion, while referring to President Macron of France, Biden said he talked with François Mitterrand, who has been dead for 28 years.  

We are reminded of Sir Walter Scott's famous quote in 1808: 

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. 

Indeed, what a tangled web the Democrats wove when they anointed Biden as their party's nominee in South Carolina four years ago. So acute was the Democrats' desire to defeat Trump and unite under a person - any person - that even an unremarkable candidate like Biden became the establishment's favorite in 2020.

Biden's candidacy until then had indeed been unremarkable. He had performed so poorly in the primary debates leading to Iowa 2020 that he placed a dismal fourth, with just 13% of caucusgoers selecting him. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren scored the first three spots. 

[Kamala Harris was another absolute failure. She dropped out before the Iowa caucus for fear of performing worse than Biden. She had been polling at 1% when she dropped out].

In New Hampshire, Biden placed fifth behind Elizabeth Warren and won the support of fewer than 9% of the electorate. Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete, and Amy Klobuchar ranked in the top three. 

No candidate who has fared this miserably in the first two nominating contests has ever won their party's nomination. 

But the Democratic Party knew that nominating Bernie Sanders would be a disaster, given that he would never appeal to minority communities despite his rhetoric. Buttigieg was too untested and flashy - someone who was "all hat, no cattle." It was unthinkable that the best the Democrats could do was to solidify behind a mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and make him the leader of the free world. Warren was too liberal and toxic - and could never attract men in large numbers. 

Similar to the Democratic Convention in 1968, when party stalwarts stepped in to choose their leader, James Clyburn, the influential Assistant Democratic Leader in the House and a prominent Black leader from South Carolina, planned a victory for Biden in the smoke-filled back rooms of Congress. The deal was simple: Biden would choose Kamala Harris or another Black person as a VP, and Clyburn would throw his support behind Biden and get South Carolina Blacks to vote for him. It was a classic "you rub my back and I will rub yours" move. 

And it worked.

Aided by other election maneuvers brilliantly engineered by Mark Elias, a campaign-from-the-basement strategy that focused on limiting Biden's exposure to the public lest he made mistakes on the campaign trail, and absolute collusion by Big Tech and media outlets, the unthinkable happened. The AP called the 2020 race for Biden four agonizing days after election night when Trump was leading. Elias's trick had worked. Mail-in ballots in a few battleground states - Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona - clinched Biden a victory.

Victory achieved, the press focused on Trump's reaction, culminating in Jan 6 and another impeachment. Biden only met friendly media personalities. He refused to participate in press conferences, and even if he did, he only chose friendly outlets. Even then, there were rumors that questions and answers were exchanged beforehand. 

It was clear to anyone watching the administration that Biden was not in charge. Each of the 15 cabinet agencies was run as individual fiefdoms with little coordination. Bidenflation soared. The economy soured. The pullout from Afghanistan was a disaster when Biden's approval rating fell below 50%. (It has never risen above 45% since.) America got into wars (Ukraine, Middle East). Yet, not a single cabinet member has resigned. Nor has Biden fired one individual for lack of performance, not even Secretary Mayorkas, who has allowed illegal immigration to rise to historic levels, with seven million people inundating America's cities. 

In Biden, America never had a president who was in charge. And now, a Special Counsel has concluded that the president's mental faculties are so compromised that even if he were charged with the crime of improperly handling classified documents, no jury would convict a senile man because doing so would be too cruel. 

It is to such a person that America entrusts its nuclear codes and authorizes potential peace talks with Russia or strategic geopolitical discussions with China. God Save America.

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