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Time To Shackle Beijing's Transnational Repression

International cooperation is needed to combat Beijing's shadow government operations abroad.

A paramilitary guard stands before the bars of a main gate to the No.1 Detention Center during a government guided tour in Beijing on October 25, 2012. The rare visit to the facility, which has capacity for 1,000 inmates, was opened to the foreign media as Beijing prepares for the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China. (Photo credit Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images)

Authoritarian regimes do not take kindly to criticism or critics. To consolidate power, they often resort to illegal and brutal ways to shut down dissents and eliminate those they consider a threat. More than a decade ago, leaving the country was a means to remain safe from the clutches of such aggressive, oppressive regimes. But that is no longer the case.

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