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Timeline Of Tory Scandals Under Boris Johnson

Throughout UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s three-year premiership, he has stumbled from one scandal to another.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Timeline of Boris Johnsons scandalous premiership

After facing a mass revolt by ministers over his, at times wanting, leadership, Boris Johnson has resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party. He wishes to stay on as UK prime minister, while a leadership contest is held to find his successor.

During his short three-year premiership, he stumbled from one scandal to another, oftentimes appearing to be economical with the truth.

  • Jul 24, 2019: Boris Johnson becomes prime minister.
  • Aug 28, 2019: Supreme Court rules Boris Johnson (BJ) unlawfully closed parliament for five weeks ahead of the deadline for Britain leaving the EU – possibly preventing parliament from blocking a no-deal Brexit.
  • May 25, 2020: Amid widespread fury, BJ stands by Dominic Cummings (his senior adviser) who refuses to resign for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules.
  • Nov 20: BJ ignores a report that finds Home Secretary Priti Patel bullied her staff.
  • Jul 8, 2021: BJ was reprimanded by Standards Committee for failing to disclose full facts about the luxury holiday to Mustique, paid for by a Tory donor.
  • Nov 3-4: MP Owen Paterson resigns over paid lobbying scandal, but not before BJ tries to overhaul the standards system rather than suspend him
  • Jan 6, 2022: Revelation BJ sought funds to cover £112,000 refurbishment of Downing Street flat from Tory donor while promising to consider plans for a “great exhibition”. Accusations of corruption follow.
  • Apr 12: BJ was fined £50 for attending a lockdown party, becoming the first PM to have been found guilty of breaking the law.
  • May 25: Sue Gray's report catalogs drunken lockdown parties across Whitehall, while the public observes strict Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Jun 6: BJ wins the vote of no confidence by 211 to 148 votes – 41% are against him.
  • Jun 30: Conservative deputy chief whip, Chris Pincher, resigns after reports he drunkenly groped two men.
  • Jul 5: BJ claims he forgot about previous sexual misconduct allegations against Pincher when he appointed him. Senior Cabinet ministers Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit government, setting in motion a wave of ministerial resignations.