TIPP Unity Index Points To A Deep Schism In The Country

TIPP Unity Index Points To A Deep Schism In The Country

TIPP launches the TIPP Unity Index, a barometer of the country's unity. In the future, we will track the index on a monthly basis.

Raghavan Mayur
Raghavan Mayur

The TIPP Unity Index registered a somber reading of 37.8, reflecting the country's high level of division in April.

A whopping 61 percent believe the country is divided, while only 33 percent believe it is united.

The Unity Index

TechnoMetrica, in its tradition of out-of-box thinking, developed the Unity Index, a barometer of the country's unity, based on the question:

In general, would you say the United States is Very United, Somewhat United, Not Very United, or Not At All United?

The chart shows the answers to the question.

We converted the raw responses to a compact index to compare demographic segments and track unity over time.

The index ranges from 0 to 100.  Higher numbers indicate greater unity, while lower numbers indicate decreased unity. 50 is a neutral value.  Above 50 indicates unity, while below 50 indicates division.

This month marks the first month of the index's tracking.


Passions are running high in the country in the aftermath of a hard-fought election. In his victory speech and inaugural address, President Biden called for unity.  Recently Senator Rand Paul commented on the subject.

Additionally, racial tensions are at an all-time high due to tragic deaths that have fueled further division.

Behind The Numbers

In April, thirty of the 36 demographic groups we track believe the country is divided.

The demographic groups that believe the country is united are in the 25 to 44 age group, urban residents, those earning $75K or more, Democrats, and those with a college degree or higher.

On the other end, the groups that feel extreme division in the country are 65 or older, rural residents, independents, some college education, and Republicans.

By Categories
Demographic Groups Sorted By Unity Index

To better understand the variability of TIPP indexes across the 36 demographic groups, we compared their standard deviations.

As illustrated in the chart below, financial stress and quality of life exhibit the least variation, meaning better consensus among the 36 groups.

The presidential leadership index and the country's direction exhibit the greatest variation, meaning a lack of consensus among the 36 groups.

Note the position of the Unity Index.

"United we stand, divided we fall" is a phrase attributed to John Dickinson, one of our nation's Founding Fathers, in his album "The Liberty Song."

"A house divided against itself cannot stand," President Lincoln said.

The United States requires greater unity now more than ever, and our current leaders' actions must transcend mere words and genuinely reflect the spirit.  

While President Biden frequently mentions the importance of unity and coming together in his speeches, he has yet to find an effective way to get the American public to share these values.

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