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Trump Persevering To Get The Truth Out With Truth Social

Trump’s forthcoming social media venture, Truth Social, has secured funding from investors. But, once launched, will Truth Social be able to sustain free speech as it promises?


Last fortnight brought about three tectonic shifts in the world of social media.

First, Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter CEO and elevated Parag Agrawal, a 37-year-old technocrat, to the top job. No one knows if Agrawal would follow Dorsey's footsteps and further push Twitter as the preferred platform of liberals who dominate the network.

Second, former President Donald Trump's ambitious new media venture to rival Twitter - Truth Social - announced that it had secured funding of $1 billion from Digital World, a group of unidentified investors. Last week, Digital World said that the SEC and FINRA are investigating the deal for possible violation of securities laws.

Third, the Golden/TIPP December poll of 1,301 respondents showed that a whopping 74% of Americans agree that free speech is under threat today. The margin of error in the survey results is 2.8%.

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