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Trump: The World's Biggest Problem Is "Nuclear Warming,” Not "Global Warming" - Video

Former President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News's Tucker Carlson to discuss foreign policy yesterday, April 12, 2023. In it Trump highlighted the problem of nuclear weapons. He said, "the biggest problem we have in the whole world, it's not global warming, it's nuclear warming."


TRUMP: If you look at Hiroshima hiroshima, some people call it. If you look at Nagasaki, you look at those two events took place many, many years ago. And multiply that power times 500 that's what you're talking about.

Where it actually melted. The granite. You know, granite is unmeltable by blowtorches. Yes, but the granite if you look at granite areas, it's like water that got. Hardened like an ice skating rink. It melted the granite.

If you look at that and multiply times 500, that's what you're talking about. When I listen to people talk about global warming, that the ocean will rise in the next 300 years by one 8th of an inch, and they talk about, this is our problem, our big problem is nuclear.

Nobody even talks about it. The environmentalists talk about all this nonsense in many cases. Look, I'm an environmentalist also, I guess, in my own way, because I've done a good job with the environment, but nobody talks about nuclear.

The problem the problem we have, the biggest problem we have in the whole world, it's not global warming, it's nuclear warming. And all it takes is one madman, and you're going to have a problem the likes of which the world has never seen.

And it's only a matter of seconds. You don't have to wait two to 300 years for it to happen. So what you're saying is demonstrably true. Why is this not something our leaders talk about or the press talks about?

Because I don't think they're smart. I don't think they get it. Putin got it. I would talk to him about it all the time. I never mentioned the word nuclear.