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Americans Favor Trade-Off On China’s Militarization

Americans want to use trade to reign In China's aggressive military actions.

Chinese Naval Fleet at sea

Events On The Radar

Earlier this week, twenty-eight Chinese fighter planes, including Su-30 fighters, some of China's most advanced jets, intruded on Taiwan's airspace. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said combat aircrafts intercepted the sortie and turned them away. It is the most significant incursion since the self-ruled island began reporting on such events last year.

The Philippines has repeatedly called attention to a flotilla containing more than 200 Chinese vessels in waters located within Manila's Exclusive Economic Zone in the South China Sea. The island nation has resorted to daily patrols to monitor the situation.

The week also marks the first anniversary of the Galwan Valley clash between China and India. The deadliest attack on Indian soldiers in 45 years led to fatalities on both sides and heightened border tensions between the two nations.

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