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Vaccine Resisters Dig In

Vaccine hesitancy among Americans continues to hover around the mid-20s. Vaccine hesitancy has many reasons. Unfortunately, the administration's attempts to boost vaccination by offering incentives are yet to show significant results.

Vaccine protestors in the United States

26% of Americans have no plans to vaccinate soon or at all in the most recent IBD/TIPP poll conducted in late May.  The number is identical to our survey taken a month earlier.

The late May survey of over 1300 Americans shows that 64% of Americans are vaccinated (fully or partially). Of them,

  • 46% are fully vaccinated
  • 17% have had the first dose

36% of Americans are not vaccinated at all. Among them,

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Support For NATO Spending Grows

Support For NATO Spending Grows

Despite world defense spending reaching a record $2.2 trillion last year, 77% of citizens of NATO countries believe they should increase or maintain defense spending – up from 70% in 2021.

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