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World Events Scheduled For September

Johnson Space Center (NASA) Image of earth
Graphic by Jordi Bou

Sep 1, U.S.: A six-month launch window opens for the highly anticipated first orbital test flight of the SpaceX Super Heavy and Starship launch vehicle.

Sep 2, India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissions India’s first indigenously-built aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, as Delhi seeks to modernize its naval forces and counter increased Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean.

Sep 6, Spain: The Victoria, captained by Juan Sebastian Elcano following the death of Ferdinand Magellan, returned to Spain after completing the first circumnavigation of the world 500 years ago.

Sep 7, Brazil: Armed forces and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro will march down Rio’s Copacabana beach as Brazil celebrates 200 years of independence. Bolsonaro trails in the polls ahead of October’s election, and his opponents fear a return to dictatorship.

Sep 11, Sweden: A close-fought election is expected between Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s ruling left-wing bloc and the right-wing opposition led by Ulf Kristersson of the Moderate Party.

Sep 13, UN: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi makes his first visit to the UN General Assembly. It is controversial as he is on the U.S. and European sanctions list.

Sep 25, Italy: An alliance led by Giorgia Meloni’s post-fascist Brothers of Italy is poised to win a clear majority in snap elections following Mario Draghi’s resignation.

Sep 26, Space: NASA’s DART spacecraft is due to collide with an asteroid in the first test of a technique intended to prevent near-Earth objects from striking the planet.