67% Unaware Of Durham Probe,  But Those Familiar Believe Obama WH Knew Of "Crossfire Hurricane," And Durham Must Question Biden

67% Unaware Of Durham Probe, But Those Familiar Believe Obama WH Knew Of "Crossfire Hurricane," And Durham Must Question Biden

The article's key findings include a lack of awareness of Special Counsel John Durham's probe about the origin of the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane operation, if the Obama White House was aware of the operation and whether Durham should question President Biden as part of his probe.

Raghavan Mayur
Raghavan Mayur

A whopping 67 percent are either unaware of or not sure about Special Counsel John Durham's ongoing criminal probe into the 2016-2017 investigation codenamed "Crossfire Hurricane."  Only 33% of those polled by TechnoMetrica are aware of the investigation.

Eighty-three percent of those aware of the Durham investigation believe the Obama administration was aware of or influenced the "Crossfire Hurricane" investigation.

Almost three-quarters (73%) think Special Counsel John Durham should question President Biden as part of the investigation.

Those were the key findings from the recent TIPP Poll conducted in early April. We asked follow-up questions among the 33% who are aware of the probe.

The first question was," In your opinion, how likely is it that the Obama-Biden White House knew about the "Crossfire Hurricane" probe or influenced it in any way before and/or after the 2016 election?"

A whopping 83% answered - likely:

  • 57% very likely,
  • 26% somewhat likely,
  • 8% not very likely,
  • 6% not at all likely

By ideology, the opinion was nearly unanimous among conservatives.  The share who believed that the Obama White House knew or influenced the probe:

  • 94% of conservatives,
  • 71% of moderates, and
  • 68% of liberals

The fact that most different ideologies agree demonstrates that the importance of the issue extends beyond partisan differences.

Why Is Durham Report Important?

The matter Special Counsel Durham is investigating is an unsolved puzzle of great import.  Many believe that it is the only remaining hope for determining whether the FBI opened investigations into four Trump campaign advisers during the 2016 election with or without proper "predication" and whether the FBI illegally surveilled at least one of those campaign advisors.

While most conservatives believe that the Obama-Biden White House knew about or influenced "Crossfire Hurricane," Obama administration officials had publicly ridiculed Trump when he said there was spying on his campaign.

President Trump expected the Durham report to be released before the election.

Low Awareness Of The Durham Probe

Former Attorney General William Barr appointed John Durham, the former U.S. Attorney in Connecticut under President Trump, to probe the origins of the investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, called the FBI's “Crossfire Hurricane” operation.

Durham probe started in spring 2019. Barr announced in early December that Durham had been re-designated as a special counsel as of mid-October to ensure that the Durham investigation would reach proper completion regardless of who was elected.

John Durham is not covered as much as Robert Mueller, the other special counsel who investigated Trump-Russia collusion.  Only 33% are aware of the Durham probe.  The awareness is

  • 45% for conservatives,
  • 26% for moderates, and
  • 30% for liberals

The media has underplayed the story, a reason for the low awareness about the probe. Professor Jonathan Turley blasted the media for its willful blindness on spying by the Obama administration.

Should Durham Question Biden?

Nearly three out of four (73%) think that Special Counsel John Durham should question President Biden as part of the investigation. The thinking is shared by

  • 86% of conservatives
  • 56% of moderates, and
  • 62% of liberals

President Trump recently posed the following question: "Where's Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?"

The FBI adopted the term Crossfire Hurricane from the Rolling Stones' song "Jumpin' Jack Flash," which begins with Mick Jagger proclaiming, "I was born in a crossfire hurricane."

Durham is the only one who can confirm whether the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane was born with or without proper "predication."

In the end, only time will tell.

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