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Americans Believe Biden Does Not Deserve Reelection: Golden/TIPP Poll

Biden's performance on key issues does not merit reelection.


So far, 2022 has not been kind to President Biden.

Two divisive speeches, one to commemorate the J6 anniversary and the other to promote voting rights legislation, were followed by a press conference with a gaffe that could trigger a major war.

CNN's Van Jones, a favorite liberal commentator on a Biden-friendly network, summed it up nicely." You could be a foggy, meandering president—say like Reagan near the end—if you're winning," he said. "But if you're foggy and meandering on key questions, and you're also not winning, then you got a real problem."

A flurry of polls adds to the gloom and paints the reality in numbers that cannot be whitewashed.

The media and Democrat-friendly Quinnipiac Poll, which had President Biden winning by an 11-point margin in 2020, had him with a 35% approval rating last week.  The TIPP Poll showed a 4-point margin in 2020, Biden won with a 4.5-point margin, and now shows Biden's approval at 44%. The Q-poll left Democrats' media friends gobsmacked and put them in a tailspin since the firing came from the same side.

As we presented in our recent report, President Biden failed his first year on the job in handling key issues, with only 34% giving him good grades for handling the economy, 41% for handling the pandemic, and 28% for handling immigration.

Americans believe he does not deserve reelection in 2024 based on his performance thus far. True, he has three more years to change the situation. Only 32% think that President Biden deserves reelection as he finishes his first year. A majority (54%) want someone new, according to the Golden/TIPP Poll of 1,308 adults taken from January 5 to 8.

The poll asked: "Do you think President Biden deserves to be re-elected in 2024, or do you think it is time for someone new?"  The chart below summarizes the responses.

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