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Americans Want To Help The World With Vaccines Supplies

The majority of Americans are in favor of aiding other countries with vaccine supplies. Such sentiment is very welcome as the world’s poorest nations struggle to vaccinate their populations with limited means and success.

President Joe Biden

The vaccination drive against Covid-19 hopes to attain herd immunity, but it has inadvertently exposed the vast chasm in medical care and facilities available to populations around the globe.

While those in developed nations like the U.S can choose from three different vaccines, many countries are struggling to acquire even one. While countries like Israel have managed to vaccinate most of their citizens, several developing nations struggle to inoculate even the most vulnerable population.

In this context, the TIPP Poll conducted in late June/early July asked Americans how they felt about their country helping those in need with vaccine supplies.


We asked over 1400 Americans, “Should the United States give more of its vaccine supplies to the rest of the world?”

Americans responded with a resounding – Yes.

Here is a breakup of the numbers:

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