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Avenging Democrats Is A Terrible Idea For The GOP

The GOP must strive to win in the Court of Public Opinion.

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  • The GOP is conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Biden for alleged corruption, with the final outcome depending on evidence and Senate votes
  • The House impeachment inquiry will force the media to inform Americans and also provide legal tools to access information readily
  • The GOP must avoid overdoing the inquiry and stay focused on the alleged corruption of President Joe Biden
  • If the case is not strong enough to get 67 votes in the Senate, the House must not impeach Biden
  • The House should let the Court of Public Opinion decide in the 2024 election

In late July, former President Trump, campaigning in Erie, PA, received thunderous applause from his supporters with this line: "The Republicans are very high class," he said. "You've got to get a little bit lower class...Any Republican that doesn't act on Democratic fraud should be immediately primaried." 

Among modern leaders, Trump's political acumen is unmatched. That mugshot in a Fulton County jail, where Trump deliberately scowled (there's no law against scowling), was a brilliant moment for the campaign, which raised over $11 million in 24 hours. Trump's martyr status is now cemented, even among many Independents who feel that the Left's lawfare has gone overboard. Trump leads his GOP rivals by as much as 49%. He is tied with Biden in a general election matchup within the margin of error.

The Democrats are known to play dirty to win. Under the leadership of always-smiling but wily Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the party became "low-class" like never before. Joining hands with the media, they pushed the Russia-Russia-Russia scam, investigating Trump for two years under another Special Counsel. They manufactured evidence against Justice Brett Kavanaugh to derail his nomination. Using whistle-blower protections, they impeached Trump for a phone call when it is clear now that Trump had a point: The Biden machine was attempting to protect Hunter Biden in Ukraine.

But for Trump to plan revenge against the Democrats should he return to the White House - he repeated this call in Iowa rallies this past week - is politically unwise. Egged on by Trump, the GOP House is proceeding at full speed on an impeachment inquiry of President Biden and his son Hunter. Speaker McCarthy finally relented yesterday and signed off on the idea.

The impeachment inquiry serves two purposes. It will force the media to cover the issue of Biden's family business dealings with foreign entities. Second, it will provide the GOP House with legal tools to quickly access information that various entities have withheld. Both are legitimate goals for the inquiry because mainstream media outlets have deliberately ignored covering the Hunter Biden story in detail. 

The decision on whether President Biden should be impeached should depend on the outcome of the inquiry. The House GOP must impeach only if the country is ready for it and if there are 67 votes in the Senate to remove the President from office.

In a recent I&I/TIPP Poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans want action if it can be shown that President Biden and his family took bribes from foreign nations. Most Americans will support impeachment if the inquiry reveals solid evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors by the President. To save themselves, as politicians always do, Democrat Senators up for reelection would throw Biden under the bus rather than be thrown out of office in the 2024 election.

But, if there are not enough votes in the Senate, the GOP should not impeach in the House. The GOP would have achieved its objective of exposing corruption to the public via its impeachment inquiry. Even from a biased media, the drip-drip-drip negative stories will do more damage to the Democrats than any legal proceedings launched by the GOP, which could be considered partisan. The GOP can let the Court of Public Opinion be the final judge to vote Biden out of office in 2024, assuming that Biden does not resign before then and hand the reigns over to VP Kamala Harris.  

In our opinion, the GOP should stay high class and not overdo the inquiry. Don't focus on Hunter Biden - a Special Counsel is already looking at him. Besides, he is not running for office. Limit the investigation to the alleged corruption of President Joe Biden. 

Voters will then appreciate that the GOP is different. They will recall that the extraordinary plan that the Left unleashed to hit Trump below the belt has continued to this day, going back to Trump's inauguration day in 2017, when the Washington Post wrote, "The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun." Broadcast coverage of Trump was 95% negative. After the Covid-19 outbreak, media reporting on the pandemic allowed negativity surrounding Trump to escalate even further.

Despite such media efforts and the Left's aggressive behind-the-scene activities to change voting processes at the last minute, on election day 2020, Trump led, having won over 11 million more votes than in 2016. But as mail-in ballots trickled in, the AP called the race for President Biden four agonizing days later. Polls today show that more than 70% of Republicans believe the 2016 election was rigged to favor President Biden.

As the country reels under Biden's extraordinary mismanagement, which includes a 40-year high in inflation, a war that is pushing America closer to a direct conflict with Russia, and an open southern border that is devastating cities and lowering the quality of life, the best advantage that Trump and the GOP can capitalize on is the public's perception that, despite the aggressive tactics employed by the Left, they are ineffective at governing.

Theodore H. White, who wrote a series of popular political books called "The Making of the President," said in 1965, quoting Napoleon: "Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself."

The GOP should heed Napoleon's advice and not Trump's.

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