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Every Day Of Our Lives We Spend On The Planet Earth, But When Was The Last Time You Thought About It?

In this fascinating, fast-paced story, Robert Austin questions the premises underlying the dramatic decisions we face and the consequences of faulty assumptions while advocating Buckminster Fuller's do more with less mindset. He concludes by discussing the potential of Hydrogen.

Planet earth

With the exception of a handful of astronauts, all of us will spend every day of our lives on this planet we call Earth, but we rarely give it much thought.  In the past five years, several individuals and organizations have been shouting at the top of their lungs to warn us that "the end is near if we don't do something radical and soon." Their messages appear to have gotten our attention.  But have you taken the time to evaluate what they are saying, check to see if it makes any sense, or are you simply being motivated to action by their well-intentioned passion?

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