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Flexibility, Innovation, And Consideration For Others Help To Overcome Unexpected Challenges

Bob Austin explains how attitude is everything in this article. He demonstrates, using a real-life case study, how flexibility, innovation, and consideration for others can help overcome unexpected challenges.

Race car Racing

Les Phillips is the President of Buttonwillow Raceway Park, a facility that features a fabulous 3.1-mile road racing course for people who wish to race automobiles, motorcycles, or even go-karts.  In addition, the 3.1-mile course can be reconfigured into a series of smaller tracks to host multiple competitive events and even accommodate high-performance driving schools at the same time. Located about 125 miles north of LA and a few miles west of I-5, this beautiful motorsports complex is an enthusiast’s dream.  According to Phillips, the facility was used 326 days in 2020.  They could not accommodate any more business, and it tore him up to have to turn people and events away.  Expansion looked like the proper solution.

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