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GOP Budget Bill Sparks Controversy with 'Draconian' Slower Growth in Discretionary Spending

Analysis Shows Discretionary Spending Has Been on the Rise for Decades, Outpacing Inflation

The House passed the debt ceiling bill on Wednesday by a 217 to 215 margin. Photo: screenshot

Liberals are furious with the GOP House for passing a budget bill that links slower spending levels to an offer to raise the debt ceiling, calling the proposal "Draconian."

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries charged on Friday that "MAGA Republicans" were the equivalent of terrorists. "President Biden has produced the budget; House Republicans produced a ransom note. That is what the Default on America Act is, and that is wildly irresponsible."

Watch the video - Jeffries: ‘Biden Has Produced a Budget, House Republicans Produced a Ransom Note’

So, about what was Leader Jeffries complaining?

Jeffries is fine with 78% of the GOP budget.

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