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I&I/TIPP Poll: Are You Better Off Today Than A Year Ago? By 4-To-1, Americans Say 'No'

Inflation, COVID shutdowns, and supply-chain shortages have made Americans increasingly gloomy about the economy.

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Are you better off today under President Joe Biden than you were a year earlier? And are you financially prepared for a downturn in the economy or a job loss? The March I&I/TIPP Poll suggests most Americans would answer "no" to both of those questions.

The poll asked: "Generally speaking, is your family better off today than it was one year ago, worse off than it was one year ago, or about the same as it was a year ago?"

Fewer than one in five (20%) said they were "better off." while more than twice that number — 42% — said they were "worse off." Another 36% said they were "about the same."

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