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I&I/TIPP Poll: Nation Is Sharply Split On 'Woke'

Terry Jones discusses the findings of a recent I&I/TIPP poll on what the term "woke" means to Americans.

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Editor’s note: tippinsights gratefully acknowledges its collaboration with Issues & Insights on the simultaneous and exclusive release of this story.

Everywhere you turn in the media these days, the term "woke" is invoked as a kind of new ideal for "progressive" changes sought by the left in America. But in the latest I&I/TIPP Poll, nearly a third of those responded negatively to the woke trend, including a surprisingly large number of minority and Democratic respondents.

The I&I/TIPP poll was conducted by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence online from June 30 through July 2, and includes responses from 1,424 adults, for a margin of error of +/- 2.8 points. The poll is part of a new ongoing collaboration between Issues & Insights and TIPP to gauge public opinion on key issues of current interest to all Americans.

The poll asked those responding to the question "what does the term 'woke' mean to you," followed by 10 possible suggested responses. The answers were then grouped into "negative," that is those having a more skeptical take on "wokeism," and "Progressive," or those who see the social phenomenon largely as portrayed by its political proponents.

The answers gathered suggested that the hard-sell of woke ideology now pervasive in the nation's schools, businesses, government, and private institutions has come up short. Respondents could give more than one answer.

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