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IRS Agent Alleges Preferential Treatment in Hunter Biden Tax Investigation - Video

IRS agent Gary Shapley, Screenshot

In a CBS Evening News exclusive interview, IRS agent Gary Shapley raises concerns about potential preferential treatment in the investigation of Hunter Biden's tax-related activities. CBS's Jim Axelrod delves into the matter, shedding light on the agent's allegations.

  • IRS agent Gary Shapley raises concerns about potential preferential treatment in Hunter Biden's tax investigation.
  • Shapley's lawyers send a letter to Congress, alleging irregularities in the Department of Justice's handling of the case.
  • DOJ Intervened to Slow-Walk Hunter Probe to ‘Benefit’ Him.
  • The investigation, led by a Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney in Delaware, faces scrutiny over its impartiality.
IRS Agent Alleges Preferential Treatment in Hunter Biden Tax Investigation - Video

O’DONNELL: “We turn now to a CBS News exclusive. For more than three years, the Department of Justice has been investigating the President’s son Hunter Biden for possible tax crimes. Last fall, FBI sources told us they had sufficient evidence to bring charges. CBS’s Jim Axelrod spoke to the IRS agent, who is blowing the whistle on what he says was preferential treatment in his first public interview.”

SHAPLEY: “When I took control of this particular investigation, I immediately saw it was way outside the norm of what what I’ve experienced in the past.”

AXELROD (voice-over): “Gary Sharpley is the supervisory special agent for the IRS, where he’s worked for fourteen years. In January 2020, he was assigned to what he calls a high-profile investigation.”

AXELROD: “Who’s the subject of the investigation?”

SHAPLEY: “I can’t confirm or deny the subject of this investigation.”

AXELROD: “Why not?”

SHAPLEY: “Because, you know, part of the tax secrecy laws don’t allow it.”

AXELROD (voice-over): “Shapley can’t say it, but CBS News has learned the investigation was the probe of Hunter Biden by the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney in Delaware. Senior Biden Administration officials have vowed to let it run its course without interference.”

Garland: “He’s not restricted in his investigation in any way.”

AXELROD (voice-over): “But CBS News has obtained this letter Shapley’s lawyers sent to Congress Monday, alleging irregularities in DoJ’s handling of the investigation. Shapley is seeking legal protections from Congress, so he can share specifics of his allegations.”

SHAPLEY: “There was multiple steps that were slow-walked at the direction of Department of Justice.”

AXELROD: “Had you ever encountered that before?”

SHAPLEY: “I have not. No. These deviations were normal process, and each and every time it seemed to always benefit the subject.”

AXELROD (voice-over): “Shapley says he decided to blow the whistle after a heated meeting last October with federal prosecutors.”

SHAPLEY: “It was my red line meeting. It just got to that point where that switch was turned on and I just couldn’t silence my conscience anymore.”

AXELROD: “Did you let prosecutors know you were unhappy?”

SHAPLEY: “I don’t think I can answer that.”

AXELROD (voice-over): “Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing. The IRS agent told us he is a registered Republican. His whistle-blowing is being assisted by an advocacy group with past ties to the GOP. But Shapley says this is not about politics.”

AXELROD: “Why do you want to navigate these waters?”

SHAPLEY: “I don’t want to do any of this. I took an oath of office. And when I saw thr egregiousness of some of these things, it no longer became a choice for me. It’s not something that I want to do. It’s something that I feel like I have to do:”

AXELROD: “The IRS told us it can’t comment on specific cases, but it’s committed to supporting whistleblowers in general. Both the DoJ and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware declined to comment. Norah?”

O’DONNELL: “Jim Axelrod. Thank you.”