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Less Than Half Of All Americans Trust The Media, Traditional Or Alternative! What Can The Media Do To Restore Its Trust Factor?

Americans' trust in the media is plummeting. What can the media do to regain public trust?

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Trust in traditional media slid for the second month in a row.  Trust in alternative media took an even sharper dive in May.   In a TIPP poll completed in late April,

  • 53% do NOT trust traditional media, while 40% do.
  • 60% do NOT trust alternative media, while 29% do.

To enable easy comparison over time, we have converted percentages to a compact index.  The indexes range from 0 to 100.  Above 50 is the trust territory, and below 50 is lack of trust, with 50 being the neutral point.

The TIPP Traditional Media Trust Index dropped 3.0 points or 6.4%, from 47.1 in April to 44.1 in May.

The TIPP Alternative Media Trust Index had a sharp slide of 6.0 points or 13.7%, from 43.9 in April to 37.9 in May.

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