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The Current Border Crisis Is Increasing Women Abuse, Preventable Deaths, COVID Cases And Drug Trafficking: NSA/TIPP Survey

In this article, Sheriff Mark Dannels (Cochise County, AZ) and Chair of the National Sheriffs' Association Border Security Committee, discusses the latest TIPP Poll results on the surge in Central American migrants arriving in the United States.

Female Asylum seekers from Central America

Americans believe that the crisis of migrants arriving through the southern border and into the United States is increasing the exploitation of transported women subjected to servitude, prostitution, and other forms of exploitation. Further, the crisis is increasing preventable deaths of many immigrants during transport due to causes such as drowning and dehydration, an increase in COVID cases in the United States, and a spike in drug trafficking because of the influx.

These are the key findings of a TIPP poll conducted for the National Sheriffs' Association last week.

Effective immigration policies and a secure southern border are critical components of a more secure America. However, we must do so within the bounds of legality, societal contribution assisting those in genuine need, and without excessive partisanship. This is critical to our country’s overall success.

Unfortunately, current border security policies have empowered the criminal cartels, human smugglers and traffickers in heroin, methamphetamines and fentanyl, while leaders in Washington, DC, have remained ineffective at combating this enormous crisis hurting our border communities and briskly moving to the United States’ interior.

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