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Trump Is Not Guilty Of Racketeering; The Deep State Is

Six worrisome things for which the Deep State must be held accountable for.

Abe Vigoda and Robert Duvall watch Marlon Brando and Al Lettieri shake hands in a scene from the film 'The Godfather', 1972. A "racket" is any organized criminal scheme like the ones favored by the Mafia in the early 20th century: prostitution, gambling, the "numbers racket" (illegal lotteries), "rum running" during Prohibition and the "protection racket," in which the mob offers businesses paid "protection" from criminal gangs, notably themselves. Photo: Paramount/Getty images

Fani Willis, the district attorney in Fulton County, Ga, charged former President Donald Trump and 18 colleagues with racketeering under Georgia's RICO law. The charge is that he conspired with them to overturn the 2020 Georgia presidential election results. 

Experienced lawyers, such as those at Bochetto & Lentz, a law firm that says it specializes in "messy, complicated, high-pressure, and high-stakes cases," highlight the benefits of using RICO statutes, which enable prosecutors to tie numerous crimes into one case, even if they have covered an extensive period. The person who didn't "pull the trigger, set a fire, or commit a burglary" can be charged under RICO laws. It is little wonder that RICO has been traditionally used against the Mob. 

These are the 19 people Fanni Willis, Fulton County, Georgia, DA, charged. Screenshot

The Left is so desperate to get Trump that Willis outlines a broad 97-page indictment alleging that he corralled his colleagues across state lines in Arizona and Pennsylvania, among others, to plan and execute a sophisticated criminal scheme to overturn the people's will, all within 56 days. The AP called the election for Biden on November 7. Trump called Georgia's Secretary of State on January 2, 2021. 

We counter that if anyone needs to be charged with criminal racketeering conduct in 2020, it should be the Deep State that should be indicted. Here are six extraordinary examples of collusion that propelled candidate Biden who had lost the first three primary races to miraculously become the Democratic nominee and then win the general election, though he hardly ever left his Delaware basement. 

Election law changes. The number of people in 2020 who voted absentee in states with little experience with no-excuse mail-in balloting and drop-boxes was mind-boggling. In states Democrats controlled (like New Jersey), they had the laws changed to send absentee ballots to every registered voter, not just on request. In states where the Left had no legislative control (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin), they filed over 145 lawsuits alleging that Covid shutdowns would disproportionately disenfranchise minorities and other communities of color. The remedies they sought and had approved by partisan secretaries of state and judges were relaxed rules to accept late mail-in ballots and eliminating restrictions to verify ballot signatures against voter rolls. 

The failure of the justice system. History will record the failure of the William Barr Justice Department, which did not investigate those statewide election laws that pushed through ballot changes before the 2020 elections, and the various courts that never agreed to look at election integrity even though there was sufficient evidence of malpractice. 

Suppressing Trump's good news stories. With Covid raging in the summer of 2020, a critical question was Trump's management of the pandemic and if an emergency vaccine would be ready soon. Trump kept insisting that extraordinary measures taken to speed through Stage-3 clinical trials would result in a vaccine shortly. The Left and the media scoffed. Pfizer announced on November 9, six days after the election, that a vaccine more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 had been found. If Pfizer had revealed this information ten days prior, the election could have turned to Trump.

Suppressing Biden's bad news stories. When the New York Post revealed the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop, abandoned at an iPhone repair shop, the media never pursued the story. Social media outlets - Facebook, Twitter - disallowed sharing of the NY Post series. Twitter even suspended the NY Post, the oldest newspaper in the United States. TIPP data shows that the election could have swung to Trump if this story had gained traction.

Assertions of 50 intelligence officials. On the eve of a crucial presidential debate, over 50 intelligence officials wrongly asserted that the Hunter Biden laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’ to help tip the election to President Biden. Today, we know that the laptop story was 100% accurate; and had this information not been suppressed by intelligence officials with active support from Big Tech, Trump may have been reelected. 

Zuckbucks. According to the Foundation for Government Accountability, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative—led by tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his wife—donated more than $400 million to local election offices in 47 states. The infusion of cash went toward boosting Democrat turnout in several swing states. For example, in Pennsylvania, nine out of every 10 dollars that flowed into the state went to counties that voted for Biden. And in Georgia, Biden counties got nearly four times more Zuckerbucks per registered voter than Trump counties. The Barr DOJ never investigated this illegal campaign contribution. 

Various organizations affiliated with the Left - federal, state, local officials, media, Big Tech, academics, Never Trumpers like the Lincoln Project and Mark Zuckerberg - worked hand in glove for over ten months to snatch victory from an otherwise popular Trump. Yet it is Trump who is under the gun facing 91 charges in four federal cases and over 700 years in prison.  

Something is terribly wrong with this picture.