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Buying My First Electric Car, Will I Be Able To Charge It At Home?

Robert Austin sheds light on the primary concern when it comes to EVs – where and how to charge them. He takes an in-depth look at HomeStation Level 2 charger.

Woman holding an electric car charger

To be honest, the correct answer to that question depends a lot on where you live, do you own your home, and do you have a garage or driveway on your own property.  But, even if the answers to all those questions were right/suitable, where would you get a charger, how much would it cost, and how fast would it charge your car?

This week, we learned many of those answers thanks to Electrify America LLC, which operates the largest open DC fast-charging network in the U.S.  To address the needs of the “charge at home” market, Electrify America announced a dedicated business unit named Electrify Home.

As part of that announcement, the company unveiled its fastest Level 2 Home Charger, named HomeStation. It is now available on the web store for $649 with free shipping in the contiguous 48 states. For customers who are used to purchasing through Amazon, HomeStation is also available there at the same price and is subject to the shipping and return policies of Amazon.

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