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Americans Concerned About New Virus Strains

With new Coronavirus strains being detected, the majority of Americans believe it is a cause for concern. IBD/TIPP Poll finds the vaccine resistors are less concerned by the new virus strains.

Americans Concerned About New Virus Strains

The SARS-CoV-2 virus that brought the world to a near standstill has been mutating or changing since it was first detected. Doctors, microbiologists, virologists, and other experts have been swift to point out that all viruses mutate or change over time.

News of fresh outbreaks in many countries, new clusters, and shifting pandemic epicenters around the world keep filtering into the mainstream news. Plus, the shifting virus is keeping doctors, health workers, and scientists on their toes.

Coronavirus has turned out to be a nimble, though invisible, beast. At least in some circles, the new strains of the virus raise apprehensions that the pandemic may not yet be behind us.

An Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Poll surveyed over 1400 Americans to gauge their thoughts on the subject. They were asked, “How concerned are you that the new COVID-19 strains will worsen the coronavirus pandemic in the United States?”

This was the response:

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