Americans Support Law Enforcement Traffic Stops 
After Learning Stops Save Lives

Americans Support Law Enforcement Traffic Stops After Learning Stops Save Lives

Sheriff (ret.) John Whetsel, Oklahoma Co., the chair of the National Sheriffs' Association Traffic Safety Committee presents the results of a recent NSA/TIPP survey on traffic safety.

Sheriff (ret.) John Whetsel

Sheriffs: Buckle Up, Slow Down, Drive Sober, and Stay Focused on the Road This Labor Day Weekend

As motorists travel this Labor Day holiday, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) released a national survey on traffic safety today, finding that drivers are most concerned about distracted, impaired, and aggressive driving.

America’s sheriffs remind drivers, especially during this long holiday weekend, that law enforcement is working to save lives through educating the public about impaired, distracted, and aggressive drivers.

The NSA recently released a traffic public service announcement with multi-platinum and award-winning country music performer Toby Keith. The PSA was created with support and funding through a cooperative agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The NSA distributed the PSA to 1900 TV outlets and radio stations across the country.

The PSA’s message is: You can do your part by driving smart to save lives. Always buckle up, slow down, drive sober, and stay focused on driving.

In the latest NSA/TIPP Poll completed in late July 2021, we asked 1,300 Americans, "Generally speaking, do you believe that there are too many, too few, or the right number of traffic stops made by law enforcement officers?" The results read:

  • 32% said too many
  • 21% said too few
  • 27% mentioned the right number of stops
  • 20% were not sure

We followed up the above question by asking, "Every year, about 40,000 people die in car crashes in America, including about 11,000 caused by impaired drivers. Given this information, do you believe that the number of traffic stops made by law enforcement officers is too many, too few, or the right number of stops?" The results read

  • 25% said too many
  • 34% said too few
  • 24% mentioned the right number of stops
  • 18% were not sure

Those saying too few or the right number increased from 48% to 58%, showing perceptions changed when respondents were educated about the real dangers of unsafe driving practices, showing that knowledge of crash information improves perceptions.

TIPP Poll Results Chart 1:  Knowledge of crash info improves perception by ten points

Impaired Driving, Distracted Driving, And Aggressive Driving Are Americans' Top-Three Traffic Safety Priorities

In the latest NSA/TIPP Poll, we asked Americans, "What are your top-three traffic safety priorities or concerns to save lives as Americans get back out on the road in the COVID-19 era?" The results read

  • 57% impaired driving (e.g., alcohol, drugs)
  • 54% distracted driving (e.g., texting)
  • 45% aggressive driving – speeding
  • 29% failure to obey traffic signals/signs (e.g., running red lights/stop signs)
  • 16% fatigued driving
  • 15% unsafe driving in inclement weather
  • 12% improper use - non-use of a seat belt
  • 11% unsafe lane changing
  • 10% improper use - non-use of turn signal
  • 10% increased exposure to COVID-19 during traffic enforcement stops
  • 5% none
TIPP Poll Results: Americans Top Traffic Safety Priorities while driving

About The Survey

TechnoMetrica conducted the TIPP Poll, an online survey for the National Sheriffs' Association, from July 28 to July 30, 2021.  The nationwide study had a sample of 1,322 Americans, 18 or older, and TechnoMetrica's network of panel partners provided the study sample. Upon study completion, TechnoMetrica weighted the study dataset by gender, age, race, education, and geographical region to mirror known benchmarks such as the U.S. Census. The credibility interval (CI) for the survey is +/- 2.8 percentage points, meaning the study is accurate to within ± 2.8 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, had all Americans been surveyed. Due to smaller sample sizes, subgroups based on gender, age, ethnicity, and region have higher credibility intervals.

Sheriff (ret.) John Whetsel, Oklahoma Co., OK is the chair of the National Sheriffs' Association Traffic Safety Committee.

Cover photo by Alexandre Boucher on Unsplash

TIPP Takes

China Cuts Children's Online Gaming To One Hour

China Cuts Children's Online Gaming To One Hour

China's video game regulator has said that online gamers under the age of 18 will only be allowed to play for an hour on Fridays, weekends, and holidays.

The National Press and Publication Administration told state-run news agency Xinhua that game-playing would be only allowed between 8 pm to 9 pm.

It also instructed gaming companies to prevent children from playing outside these times. Earlier this month, a state media outlet branded online games "spiritual opium."

A month before the latest restrictions, an article published by the state-run Economic Information Daily claimed many teenagers had become addicted to online gaming, and it was harming them.

The article prompted significant falls in the value of shares in some of China's biggest online gaming firms. In July, Chinese gaming giant Tencent announced it was rolling out facial recognition to stop children from playing between 22:00 and 08:00.

Palestinian President, Israeli Defence Minister Hold Rare Talks | Israel-Palestine Conflict News

Mahmud Abbas and Benny Gantz
Mahmud Abbas and Benny Gantz

In the first high-level talks in years, Benny Gantz announces gestures aimed at strengthening the Palestinian Authority.

The stepped-up contacts and Israeli gestures mark a shift in direction after the complete breakdown of communication between Abbas and Israeli leaders in recent years. Israel's new government has said it is interested in bolstering Abbas in his rivalry against Gaza's ruling Hamas group.

Gantz's office said he told Abbas that Israel would take new measures to strengthen the Palestinian economy. It said they also discussed security issues and agreed to remain in touch. It was believed to be the highest level public meeting between the sides since 2014.

Later on Monday, Gantz's office confirmed that Israel had agreed to loan the Palestinian Authority 500 million shekels ($155m). The money is to be repaid with tax funds that Israel collects typically for the Palestinians.

(3rd LD) Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor Appears To Be In Operation: IAEA Report

North Korea's key Yongbyon nuclear plant is photographed in June 2008 [Kyodo via Reuters]
North Korea's key Yongbyon nuclear plant is photographed in June 2008 [Kyodo via Reuters]

The report stressed that the North's nuclear activities remain a "cause for serious concern."

The U.N. nuclear watchdog has detected "deeply troubling" indications that a critical nuclear reactor at North Korea's main Yongbyon complex has been in operation since July, including the release of cooling water.

The report based on satellite imagery and other sources came as Seoul and Washington push to resume dialogue with the North, following its furious reactions to the allies' recently concluded annual military exercises.

The report also said that the steam plant, which serves the radiochemical laboratory at the Yongbyon complex, operated for approximately five months, from mid-February 2021 until early July 2021. The plant is used to provide heat to a fuel rod reprocessing facility.

Leaded Petrol Eradicated, Says UNEP

Until the 1970s almost all the gasoline sold across the globe contained lead. | Photo Credit: AFP
Until the 1970s almost all the gasoline sold across the globe contained lead. | Photo Credit: AFP

The use of leaded petrol has been eradicated from the globe, a milestone that will prevent more than 1.2 million premature deaths and save world economies over $2.4 trillion annually, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) said Monday.

Nearly a century after doctors first issued warnings about the toxic effects of leaded petrol, Algeria — the last country to use the fuel — exhausted its supplies the previous month, UNEP said.

"The successful enforcement of the ban on leaded petrol is a huge milestone for global health and our environment," said Inger Andersen, executive director of UNEP.


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